Why I Don’t Like Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate


The reason why I don’t like Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate is because it is so plain. Your goal in most scenarios is to kill the evil person, which is a plan and simple goal. Even though there are 50 various scenarios, they all feel very similar. My favorite was the one where there were gelatinous cubes all around, however even that one was boring because it became all of my teammates standing around the enemy attacking him (I was the only survivor), and our fastest teammate (I think the monk) spent the whole game running 8 squares and then soaking up the hits from the gelatinous cubes, until his speed was its minimum. I think that this game could be greatly improved if rather than having just one human traitor, sometimes there would be various human traitors and other times there would be npc traitors. The gelatinous cube scenario would have been much better had it had two player traitors, while I could definitely see an npc character summoning gargoyles that had commands like the following: “Place the gargoyle king in the most recently discovered room and four gargoyles next to the gargoyle king (rol to see which sides). The gargoyles should attack the nearest player. If there is more than one player within range, roll to see which one the gargoyles attack. No more than two gargoyles may attack a player per turn, so adjust their targets as necessary. If there are no targets in range, then the gargoyles move in the fastest route possible. If a spellcaster casts a spell while standing next to the gargoyle, the gargoyle may immediately make an attack against them. One extra gargoyle is created next to the gargoyle king (roll to see which side) at the start of the gargoyle king’s turn. Killing the gargoyle king ends the summoning of gargoyles, and killing both the gargoyles and the gargoyle king wins the challenge.” Then all the players could work together, and it would provide an aspect of “do I kill the gargoyles or the gargoyle king first” and also creates the thought of survival for the players. However, even with new challenges like the one above I would not consider Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate a good game. I personally have not played Betrayal at House on the Hill, and I’m hoping that the original is better than the variant.