Why Colt Express is a Fun Game


Colt Express is a game where players compete to steal the most money. The game is wildly unpredictable as the cards you play don’t take effect until each player has played multiple cards. This means that you will likely play a card only to find out that your intent became impossible, such as someone you were going to shoot went onto the roof before you could shoot them.

Each character you can play comes with a different power and therefore a different playstyle. My personal favorite is Cheyenne, because I love punching people and then immediately gaining their loot. Most rounds also have a special effect that occurs at the end of the round.

What makes the game so fun is the recklessness of each player’s moves. You almost always have to alter your plans to suit the current state of the board (it’s actually a 3-D train, which is really cool). Planning ahead is almost never an option, although you are free to try. The only thing that you can rely on (and even sometimes you can’t rely on it) is that there will be someone to shoot. Shooting all your bullets is a great way to win the game because it gives you $1000 and puts bullets in other peoples’ decks, however it’s also a great way to make a lot of enemies, which is a bad thing.

 The game is also very socially interactive and will lead to a lot of whoops and groans as things go well or poorly for the players. Also, as I said above, the board is not a board but a 3-D train. Very few other games have a 3-D board, which just makes this game all the more exciting.