Codenames is a great party game that is necessary is you are having more than seven people over. The reason I say seven people is because some games such as Diplomacy and Seven Wonders are playable by seven players. However, Codenames knows no limit to the number of players. If you wanted, each time could be comprised of 10 players or more. The basis of the game is that each team has a code master, who must create words that help their team figure out which words on the board they need to select. The board is composed of 25 different words, ranging from places to objects to adjectives. For example, a code master may say “Animal, 2” in order to help their team guess the “dog” and “parrot” cards. What can make the game difficult is that some cards have multiple uses, such as the word “run”. You can go for a run and you can also run an office. This might mislead teammates into guessing the wrong word, which is why the code master must be a dependable person. Every game a new code card is drawn, which contains a 25 box diagram representing the board. Each box represents a card. The boxes are either red, blue, gray, or black. The red cards need to be pressed by the red team, while the blue cards need to be pressed by the blue team. When a team presses all their color cards, they win. The gray cards are neutral cards that don’t help or harm either team. There is only one black card, which instantly causes the team that touches it to lose it, so code masters should be wary of the card. This game promotes advance thinking and teamwork, and will definitely get people into the mood to play more board games. As a bonus, it is very easy to bring on trips and is a great gift to friends and family members. Even people who are not very into board games will play this.