Strategies and Tips for Galaxy Trucker



Galaxy trucker is a very fast paced game where players compete to build the best ship that can survive anything that comes at it. That includes smugglers, slavers, meteors, and other stuff. Along the way, players come across helpful things such as planets and abandoned stations where they can pick up cargo. However, all of this relies on thm building a strong ship and also building it fast. Below are some tips for building your ship.


Grab those shields

I often see players underestimating the power of the shield. Pick them up whenever you get the chance! They allows you to block small fire from pirates, which can save you many lost pieces during the trip.


Have lots of connections

This is a game where all ships are going to be damaged at some point. If your ship has few connections, one piece falling off can cost you 4 more pieces that are no longer connected to the ship. This advice takes a lot more practice to master because it’s difficult to do this and get the pieces you need. You should always give this up for the pieces you need.


Firepower! And lots of it

Firepower is SUPER important in this game. I cannot stress enough how much this can save you. With this you can shoot meteors into pieces, defeat smugglers and slavers, and avoid repercussions during a combat zone. Whenever you see a cannon, you should take it if it can face forward. Also, try to take lots of double cannons. Which leads me into my next point…


Bring LOTS of batteries

Lots of things rely on you having a supply of batteries. Shields, double cannons, and double engines all rely on them. My advice to you is to take only single engines, so that you can focus your batteries into where you really need them. I would say to take a number of batteries equal to 2 times the mission number minimum, 3 times the mission number to be on the safe side.


Cabins and aliens

This becomes more important during later rounds when your ship is bigger and the abandoned stations are worth a lot more loot. You should try to bring a number of crew equal to 3 times the round, including your main cabin, and at least 1 alien, preferably a purple “firepower” one. Their bonus is incredibly good because they take up two space and give 2 firepower, and count as a crew when things like abandoned stations and combat zones come up.



This might be the most important piece next to cannons. Cargo is the main source for your money, so you want to be able to hold a lot of it. I’d say that on any round you’d want to be able to hold at least 2 red cargo and 5 normal cargo.



This is a very fun ship-builder game where participants must quickly build a ship that can survive the hazards of space. It is very replayable because your ships will be different every time. It’s also a bit of a long game, sometimes taking 2 hours. There are also quite a few expansions, which add many new ship designs, a new type of aliens, new pieces, and more. There is also a digital version available for only 5 dollars, with one giant expansion that can be purchased for 5 dollars. I would recommend buying this game if you like the idea of building a ship from many pieces, similar to a deck-builder,

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