Splendor Strategies


Splendor is a game where players compete to get 15 prestige first. Below are some of the strategies I use when I play.


Go for the similar nobles. If you see two nobles that require similar stuff, such as one requiring 3 red, blue, and green and another requiring 3 red, blue, and white, go for them! You can often sneak both of them in consecutive turns without the other players catching on to you. It’s even better when there are 3 similar ones, such as if you add a noble requiring 3 white, green, and red, then you could take 3 in a row very quickly, and win the game.


Take from the smallest pile. This tip is to take from whatever pile in lowest in order to limit the other amount players can get from it, even if you don’t need it. Let’s say there’s 2 white left, and all the other players desperately need it. Take one of them, forcing the other players to abandon their plans. You should also take it because you might need it in the future.


Pile up the cheap discounts. For the majority of the game, you should be piling up discounts from green cards because they are the cheapest to buy, and will get you the nobles the quickest. Once you have at least 2 discounts in 3 categories (red, blue, green, etc.), then you should start purchasing the next level of cards, as they give you some points and put you closer to getting the nobles, so that when you do get them you can almost immediately win the game.


Reserve cards when there are no tokens left of the type that you need. Let’s say that another player took the last white token, who you desperately need (because they used the above technique XD). You should then reserve a card that you want, and next turn you can use the gold token in place of the one you need plus a card that you wanted reserved for you.


That’s all I have today. If you have any additional strategies, post them in the comments below!