Smash Up: The Big Geeky Box


The Big Geeky Box is an expansion to hold all of the new factions and more. I currently have 31 factions, and they can all be held in less than a third of the box. I personally think that the box can hold around 100 factions with room to flip them back and forth (to find the faction you want) and space to hold the VP/power counters. The geek faction is also a great faction to play with, and are part of my favorite combo (geeky ninjas). Below I will go over which types of factions should be paired up with Geeks and the features and problems of the Big Geeky box.


Geeks pair best with factions that have a lot of power. Geeks, in my opinion, are a support faction the best support faction. They constantly influence the game, from making opponent’s actions useless to moving around actions on minions and bases. They also have great minions (except for the fan). If your opponent(s) choose zombies or aliens, choose geeks! The reason for this is that you can use your control minion card to take control of the invader as it is played, scoring the victory point for yourself, and you can use griefer to shuffle the zombie’s discard pile back into their deck, effectively making them start anew. Factions such as ninjas and robots benefit the most from them because it gives them a controlling aspect of the board. Avoid factions like tricksters or pirates because they are too similar and have no powerful offensive abilities. I have not yet played geeks with any of the other expansions so I don’t know which other factions it pairs best with.


Features of The Big Geeky Box

-The BGB holds slightly over 100 factions, which is twice the current amount of factions

-It is an incredibly sturdy box that has thick walls.

-It has really colorful dividers that fit perfectly into the box.

-it has great foam blocks that fit perfectly to hold the factions in place.

-It comes with a faction.

Problems with The Big Geeky Box

-It is hard to read the faction names because the dividers are so close together.

-It is big and bulky, although this isn’t much of a problem.

-It has no space to put any of the rulebooks, which is incredibly disappointing. This means that you will have to either bend them or not put them in, which is problematic.

-There is no section to hold VP/power counters, which is again very disappointing. You’d think that they could have a section in the corner boxed on with a sliding lid. I currently have my VP in the corner held there by a foam box, but it’s not a permanent solution.


Is it worth it?

In my opinion, yes, it is worth it. The reason why is because it can hold all of my expansions in a neat and orderly fashion and it comes with a creative faction. It is also something you should purchase if you like to own everything in a set. However, if you mind the idea of combing through tight dividers in order to find the faction you want and/or you don’t like the idea of folding your rulebook, then this is not for you.