My Opinion of Revolution


Revolution is a clever game where players compete to get the most points in a rebellion. Each player has force, blackmail, and coin tokens. Players bid on people, with the highest bidder winning the benefits of that person, ranging from more tokens to support in certain regions such as the tavern or market. The game is mostly balanced, with chances to come back if you have fallen behind. Advice!! When you are losing, go for the rogue and mercenary and rogue as they cannot be taken by force or blackmail, and you will likely have 5 coins to win them. If you are short on golf, you should go for the merchant. Anyway, the main problem with the game is that if a player takes off, and I mean really takes off well, the game becomes incredibly unbalanced. I played with a player who got a lot of force and blackmail and every turn won the mercenary and aristocrat, which allowed them to win the rogue, which allowed them to win the general and captain, which allowed them to win the innkeeper and magistrate and so on, causing us to quit the game before we even scored because it was so obvious he was going to win. In this game, the tokens are in my opinion are valued in the following ratio; 1 force: 2 blackmail: 5 coins. The only problem with this logic is that even a single blackmail beats any number of coins, and any number of force beats any number of blackmail and coins. The game attempts to balance this by preventing the captain, general, rogue, and mercenary from having force used upon them, and they do a pretty good job of this because almost all games I’ve played stayed balanced as long as the players had a similar amount of resources. However, as soon as a player builds up too many resources, the game slows down as that player wins every single thing they bid on, and the only reason the game goes on is because that person wants to score it. The game is fun to play, but I don’t recommend buying it if you want a more socially interactive game, however if you like the idea of secret bidding and vast strategic thoughts, then this is a game for you.