Diplomacy is a seven player game where players play as one of the seven major powers during world war 1 and attempt to negotiate with each other while conquering the world around them. Below I go over how to play one of the countries.



Your goal here is to make an alliance with Austria-Hungary or Russia to defeat the other. The reason I use the word defeat rather than “crush” is because you are very likely to get little of the winnings. If you attack Austria-Hungary, you are going to have a very difficult time just marching your armies out of Trieste. Your only option will be to attack Russia. If you start off by attacking Russia, you can most likely take Sev and Moscow, but England will take St. P and Austria-Hungary will take Wars and may attempt to take Moscow from you. Furthermore, it usually takes years for Russia to fall, even if you are attacking with all of your units. Therefore, it is better for Turkey to work alone, which is why the moves below are moves that benefit you only. Your moves are:

Spring – F Ank to Blk Sea (try to arrange beforehand that neither of you move in, then move in), A Con to Bul, A Smy to Con

Your goal now should be to try to persuade Austria-Hungary to let you take Greece and Rum in exchange for them getting Sev, Mos, and any other Russian territories they would like, and that you would support them in if they want it. Your goal is to get them to give you Greece, Serbia, and Rum, and you should promise them anything to get that.

Fall – A Bul to Greece, A Con to Bul, F Blk Sea to Rum (Russia is likely going to move back to a Sev because if they lose it they cannot spawn a fleet or army in Sev and that leaves them very vulnerable and unable to build up an army to attack you).

This should give you all three territories, which is an incredible thing to have at the start of the game. I recommend spawning a fleet in Smy, and an army in Con and Ank. If you don’t get either Greece, Rum, or Bul (if they moved there from Serbia and bounced you) then don’t build and army in Ank. It is vital that you have a lot of armies when you began to launch your attack on Trieste, Budapest, Vienna, and Sevastopol. If you can, persuade Italy to attack Trieste in exchange for you letting them have Trieste. The biggest problems that you will encounter playing Turkey is being boxed in by two countries and most importantly you will have a very tough time getting your units out of your home country, as the process is very slow and generally takes a years a unit just to get them out of your homeland, and two years before you can actually use them to attack another country.