Diplomacy – Russia


Diplomacy is a seven player game where players play as one of the seven major powers during world war 1 and attempt to negotiate with each other while conquering the world around them. Below I go over how to play one of the countries.



Russia in my opinion is the most interesting and fun country to play. Russia is touching by border to three countries and usually fights England in the north, so there is a lot going on that you must pay attention to. I don’t recommend playing Russia unless you’re good at war strategies (knowing where to move your army to create a double bounce for example). However, Russia is a very powerful country that has the highest win percentage. Your main goal should be to create an alliance with either Turkey or Austria-Hungary to crush the other, and play defensive in the north. Your moves are as follows:

Alliance with Austria-Hungary – this is the preferred alliance over an alliance with Turkey. The reason for this is that with a bit of diplomacy and treachery you will be able to take all of Turkey, leaving nothing for Austria-Hungary, and then move on to attack them. Try to negotiate with Turkey that no one moves into the Black Sea, then backstab them. Your moves are:

Spring – F Sev to Blk Sea, A War to Sil, F SC St. P to GoB, A Mos to Ukraine

This will cause Germany enough of a headache (you being able to take either Munich or Berlin) that you can usually persuade them not to bounce you in Sweden in exchange for you retreating your army. It also sets you up to take Rumania.

Fall – F GoB to Swe (or the Baltic if you wish to wage full on war with Germany or you don’t trust them to not bounce you in Sweden), A Sil to War if he agreed to deal, otherwise A Sil to Mun or Ber (your choice, probably Ber so that your fleet can support later), F Blk Sea Support A Ukr to Rum if you got the Black Sea, otherwise A Ukr to Rum and F Sev to Blk Sea.

This will usually give you both Sweden and Rumania, allowing you to spawn two units. Since you can’t spawn in Sev and you potentially won’t be able to spawn in Wars (unless you decided to hold instead of retreat as part of the deal), then I recommend you spawn and army in Wars if you can but otherwise a fleet in St. P and an army in Moscow will do fine. This sets you up to take Norway next year and to continue your advance on Turkey. If you got bounced out of Sweden then you should let Germany know that they will feel your wrath because you will likely have 2 armies and a fleet that can be dedicated to attacking them, and their units will be way out of the way to defend themself.

Alliance with Turkey – your strategy here to to take on Austria-Hungary and then split the wins with Turkey. The reason I consider this method inferior to an alliance with Austria-Hungary is because when you collect your winnings you will likely have to let Turkey walk through your territories in order to move their mass number of armies. Be sure to tell Turkey that neither of you should enter the Black Sea. You should also try to persuade Italy to attack Trieste, and when Austria falls let them keep Trieste (Turkey is unlikely to agree with this causing them to go to war with Italy, and you can’t be blamed because you can say that Turkey needs that territory in order to transport troops). Your moves are:

Spring – F SC St. P to GoB, A Moscow to Ukr, A Warsaw to Galacia, F Sev to Rum.

Fall – F GoB to Swe (make sure to tell Germany not to bounce you), F Rum Hold, A Wars Support A Ukr to Gal if you were bounced last turn, if you did take it then A Gal to Bohemia, A Ukr to Gal.

There is a chance that you will be bounced in Galacia.p, but I’m going to assume you’re not. You now have two extra units, where you can spawn an army in Sev and Wars. You now have two armies that can support each other in Austrian supply centers, and another two units in useful positions, one of which will most likely go toward defense against a possible German attack, while the other one can go towards the death of Austria-Hungary. You also have a fleet in Sweden, which can be useful for taking Norway in later years. The only unfortunate thing is that you have a fleet stuck in Rum and nowhere to go.