Diplomacy – Italy


Diplomacy is a seven player game where players play as one of the seven major powers during world war 1 and attempt to negotiate with each other while conquering the world around them. Below I go over how to play one of the countries.



Italy is a very tough country to play. It has nowhere to expand to without declaring war on a country, which is not an advisable move for the start of the game. Instead, you should slowly chip away a other countries until you have gained enough power to attack. Your moves are as follows:

Spring – F Naples to Ion, A Rome to Ven, A Ven to Pied

Fall – F Ion to Naples, A Pied to Mars, A Ven to Trieste

Assuming you only gain one unit, you should place a fleet in Rome to stop the potential French approach and to help yourself conquer Mars. It will take a year until you have the ability to attack Mars with two power. You should also move your fleet from Tunis into the Ion and attempt to take the Adriatic and to take Greece. Try not to get into a war with two of the following at the same time: Austria-Hungary, France, and Turkey.