Diplomacy is a seven player game where players play as one of the seven major powers during world war 1 and attempt to negotiate with each other while conquering the world around them. Below I go over how to play one of the countries.



Germany is the second hardest country to play, next to Austria-Hungary. Your main strategy here should be to strike an alliance with either England or France, make a peace treaty with Austria-Hungary, and defend yourself from a potential Russian attack. The following are your strategies (these assume peace treaty with Austria-Hungary):

Alliance with England – when you have an alliance with England, you need to move your units into an attacking position so that England can support you in and then vice versa. Your opening moves are as follows:

Spring – F Kiel to Den, A Munich to Burgundy, A Berlin to Kiel

Fall – F Den to Swe if you know that Russia won’t be angry that you bounced them or are worried about a Russian attack, F Den Hold if you don’t want to anger Russia, A Kiel to Hol if Warsaw didn’t step into German territory, A Kiel to Berlin if Russia did, A Bur to Bel if you got Bur, A Mun to Bur if you didn’t get it.

This will likely bounce France from Bur preventing them from gaining Bel, and since their fleet will be fighting for the English Channel then they will get only Spain (assuming Italy doesn’t attack them). This also gains you a minimum of two more units, which you should spawn as armies to help your ground invasion. Make sure to defend your border from Russia at all times, and try to keep your Austria-Hungary alliance till the very end or when you see them start falling.

Alliance with France – while a bit weaker than the alliance with England, this alliance will still help take down a major contender. The only problem with this alliance is that there is only three territories to gain from this, and they are all very inconvenient to take. Because of that I am only going to give commands and no advice after the first year. Your orders are as followed:

Spring – F Kiel to Hi Bight, A Ber to Kiel, A Mun to Ruhr

Fall – F Hi Bight S A Kiel to Den if England in Nor Sea, otherwise F Hi Bight to Nor Sea and A Kiel to Den, A Ruhr to Hol

War on the Russians – this strategy is almost always useless and it is necessary to have a peace treaty with France, England, Italy, and Austria-Hungary to do this. Your moves are as follows:

Spring – F Kiel to Den, A Mun to Ruhr, A Ber to Prussia

Fall – F Den to Swe, A Ruhr to Hol, A Prussia to Warsaw if undefended, A Prussia to Berlin if Russia in Silesia, A Ber to Prussia if bounced last turn.

Next year’s moves: spawn an army in Berlin if possible, if not Munich. Spawn a fleet in Kiel. The following moves assume that you bounced Russia in Sweden and in Prussia so you are stuck in Berlin.

Spring – F Den to Sweden, F Kiel to Baltic, A Berlin to Prussia, A Mun to Sil, A Hol to Bel (this will betray France but is necessary as this army has nothing to do and they have surely been eyeing Munich and Holland for some time now)

Fall – F Den to Sweden (assuming you are bounced again), F Baltic Support Den to Swe, A Bel Hold, A Silesia Support A Berlin to Prussia.

This almost guarantees you Sweden this turn and sets you up to take Warsaw next turn. Plus, you might have gotten Belgium.