Diplomacy – England


Diplomacy is a seven player game where players play as one of the seven major powers during world war 1 and attempt to negotiate with each other while conquering the world around them. Below I go over how to play one of the countries.



England has a unique advantage in this game, which is that it must be accessed by water. It also starts with two fleets rather than one, and has easy access to many quick areas. With England, your goal is to make an alliance with Germany to crush France (or vice versa, however the German alliance tend to work better because France’s territories are much easier for you to hold while German territories are under threat from Russia and Austria-Hungary).

Alliance with France – when you ally with France, your goal is usually to take top down Germany as quickly as possible and then move on France. An important thing to watch out for here is that if you are too helpful the French player can steal Belgium, Holland, Kiel, and Berlin from under you. Your opening year moves should be:

Spring – F Lon to En Chan, A Liv to York, F Edin to Nor Sea

Fall – F Nor Sea to Norway, A York Hold, F En Chan to Nor Sea

This allows you to take Norway and put yourself into an offensive position. When you spawn an extra unit, you should spawn a fleet in London. Your next year’s moves should look like such:

Spring – F Lon to En Chan, A York Lon, F Norway to Sweden (this will most likely be bounced by Russia by put there is a chance that this will work), F Nor Sea to Hol or Den if they haven’t defended them, Hi Bight if they are both defended

Fall – F En Chan Support F Nor Sea to Hol if it was bounced last round, otherwise F En Chan Convoy A Lon to Brest, A Lon to Brest, F Norway Support F Ska to Sweden, if F Nor Sea took over Den last turn then F Den Support F Nor to F Swe, if F Nor Sea took over Hol last turn then F Norway to Ska and F Hol Hold.

You should keep spawning fleets until you have conquered France, Denmark, Norway, Spain, and Portugal.

Alliance with Germany – when you ally with Germany, your goal is to take over France and then keep the alliance, however you should still attempt to take Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. It is very important to get the English Channel if you are going to take down France, so you will want to lie to them and tell them that the two of you can work together to take down Germany, and then slide into the English Channel. The following should be your opening moves:

Spring – F Edin to Nor Sea, F Lon to En Chan, A York to Wales

Fall – F Nor Sea to Norway, F En Chan Convoy A Wales to Pic if you got the En Chan, if not A Wales Hold, F Lon to Nor Sea

If you didn’t get the English Channel originally then spawn a fleet in Lon and do F Nor Sea Support F Lon to En Chan.