Diplomacy – Austria Hungary


Diplomacy is a seven player game where players play as one of the seven major powers during world war 1 and attempt to negotiate with each other while conquering the world around them. Below I go over how to play one of the countries.



Austria-Hungary is the hardest country to play. Because you’re right in the middle of the board, nobody will want to be allies with you since you would require all of their resources to defend. You also must try not to make any enemies, because if you do you are almost certainly doomed to a quick end. However, if you can get a single ally or no enemies you’ll quickly become a world power after a few years. Your main goal should be a peace treaty with Italy between Venice and Trieste, and to ally with Russia or Turkey to take down the other.

Alliance with Turkey – this is the preferred alliance over one with Russia if you don’t trust the Russian player because if you and Russia take down Turkey then you become the next target. You moves are as follows:

Spring – F Trieste to the Adriatic (inform Italy that you are not attacking them), A Budapest to Serbia, and A Vienna to Budapest.

Fall – F Adriatic to Ionian, A Serbia Support A Bud to Rum.

This will gain you two places quickly and efficiently and set you up to create a mass army. I now recommend spawning two armies in Vienna and Budapest. With your army of four armies (pun intended), you can easily conquer Sevastopol, Moscow, Warsaw, Munich, and Venice.

Alliance with Russia – this alliance is a decent alliance that either really helps you or really hurts you, depending on how much you trust Russia. If you want to ensure your survival, your goal should be to take Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, Constantinople, and potentially Smyrna, and let Russia have Rumania, Armenia, and potentially Smyrna. You now have a minimum of seven units, which is easily enough to defend yourself from a Russian invasion. However, make sure that Russia doesn’t take all of Turkey and/or get a fleet into the Aegean Sea. Part of the problem with this is that the only way that fleet will get out of the Black Sea is if you let it through the Aegean, but almost all Russia players, even the trustworthy ones, will take advantage of your kindness and steal an undefended place from you.

Spring – F Trieste to Albania, which proves to Italy that you are not planning on attacking Venice, A Vienna to Tyrolia (to defend yourself from Germany, explain this to Italy), and Budapest to Serbia (let Russia take Rumania).

Fall – A Serbia Support F Albania to Greece, A Tyrolia Hold if Germany is attacking from Munich, or A Tyrolia to Munich if Germany moved out.

This ensures you two territories, Serbia and Greece, and sets you up to attack Turkey by water and land. I recommend spawning a fleet in Trieste and an army in Budapest.